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Founder; Elgar Pratishthan; Shramik Elgar

Paromita seeks to empower some of India’s poorest and most marginalized citizens: the residents of the Chandrapur and Gadchiroli districts of the state of Maharashtra. To protect their rights and help them access justice, she has created several non-profit organizations including Elgar Pratishthan, which concentrates on the economic and educational development of rural communities, and Shramik Elgar, a 10,000-member union of rural workers. Trained as a lawyer, Paromita has brought legal challenges on behalf of these members to India’s Supreme Court. Regarded as one of the top labor organizers in the region, she built a training center for rural community organizers. She is also involved in strengthening elected representatives of local self governance, organizing women against violence and implementation of social justice legislation. Paromita is pursuing Ph.D. at Center for the Study of Law and Governance, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Paromita, being an army kid, grew up constantly moving from one place to another. This allowed her to see a lot of new places and discover the real India. She learnt many languages and cultures through friends and family. She did her LLb and has worked with UNICEF too. But that was not her destiny. Nothing could keep her away from the interiors of India – the villages.When the news came that police fired on tribals after taking them wrongly as naxalites and a young tribal Chinna Mattavihad died, Paromita being the jail visitor of the national human rights commission took it upon herself to help those in need. Tune in to IBN-Lokmat and know more of Paromita Goswami’s determination towards protecting the environment.

Paromita’s genuine nature and friendliness has created an impact and she has progressed rapidly and grown as a person. The cause for which she marched 200 kms with 5000 tribal women can be scoffed off by the educated elite but such being the perception of impossibility of her goal, that this did not discourage the tribal ladies or hamper her determination. She continues to work towards the society even today.


Paromita Goswami Paromita Goswami founder, President, Shramik Elgar, mass organisation of unorganized sector, farmers and labourers in Vidarbha

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