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Paromita Goswami is a champion of the marginalised. Lets get her to Maha Assembly. Donate!

About Paromita Goswami-

Adv. Paromita Goswami is founder president of Shramik Elgar, a registered trade union of rural unorganised sector working in Vidarbha, Maharashtra since last twenty years. She has spearheaded campaigns for liquor prohibition in Chandrapur district. She has stood for tribal land rights, forest rights and rights of women and children. She was awarded the prestigious Maharashtrian of the Year Award by IBNLokmat Media Group, the Rukmini Puraskar by Yashwantrao Chavan Open University and the Mahatma Gandhi Vyasanmukti Puraskar by Maharashtra State Government. She is the recipient of the Yale University World Fellowship (USA). She is an alumna of TISS and after completing her MSW from there, went on to pursue LLB from Nagpur University.

The Problem-

Plagued by poverty, government apathy, and the exploitation of the poor by the wealthy, Maharashtra’s Chandrapur District is a microcosm of much of rural India. Half of the district’s 1.8 million people are farmers and about one in five is a tribal. Agriculture provides employment for only six months of the year, leaving most people there underemployed and poor. Serious issues in the area include lack of irrigation, human-wildlife conflicts, seasonal migration of youths, problems in accessing forest rights by traditional communities, lack of proper housing, crumbling primary and secondary school infrastructure etc. Political apathy by present incumbents in the ruling party as well as the opposition towards these fundamental issues forms the basis of Paromita’s decision to enter the political fray.

Her work-

As founder president of Shramik Elgar, Paromita has built a strong grassroots movement with a membership of 25,000 in the district. The membership is drawn from all sections of the rural population including Adivasis, fishing community, bamboo workers, Dalits, small and marginal farmers. Women form more than 50% of the membership. The focus of her work has been solidarity amongst the poor and struggle for justice. The organisation has seen some major victories like restoration of land rights to more than 500 tribal families, declaration of Chandrapur as dry district, starting buses in inaccessible villages, representation of forest dwellers before higher judiciary, protection of rights of street vendors, ensuring justice for tribal girls who suffered sexual exploitation in hostels and raising voice on behalf of victims of man-animal conflicts.

2019 Maharashtra Elections-

Paromita is contesting Maharashtra state elections on AAP ticket from 72-Brahmapuri constituency of Chandrapur district in Maharashtra. She now wants to take her fight to the state legislature. She has been empowering poor and marginalized people of the Chandarpur district to struggle for their rights. Now she wants to take the fight a step further by entering the political democratic process.

Her presence in the Maharashtra State Assembly would be a major victory for the poor and marginalized communities she has been working for. This is our chance to support a clean candidate who has been working towards creating an inclusive society for more than twenty years.

Why crowd funding?

Paromita is contesting against big political parties like BJP, Congress, and NCP who have lots of resources and corporate backing. She, on the other hand, has the support of the people she has empowered. This is a fight between the poor and the powerful. Paromita knows that powerful people will try to create obstacles for her, and she knows that money will be needed to build a campaign to take them on. Hence, she is relying on crowdfunding to support her.

Contribute to her campaign to help her contest elections and become a voice of the people who have been ignored till now.